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The SCodex is my way of reaching to the Star Citizen community. I am currently in the middle of a huge judicial affair in France involving judicial corruption and extortion with the help of the French police.

A previous employer of mine organized, with the help of judicial corruption in the French police, false rape charges, in order to settle a personal score. These were covered up with the help of the judge and a very famous French lawyer who is the current president of the French ADL.

In order ensure that affair would be covered up - and to settle the personal score - the same person organized a shockingly ugly sexual harrassment with the help of my next employer. When this failed to have the desired effect - and I pressed charges - the affair was once again covered up, and my next employer unsuccesfully tried to declare me psychotic.

Besides the French police, the affair involves a number of large IT companies such as Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

My internet connection is being monitored and CIG have agreed to give up my account details and to report on people I chat with in the game - in order to try to extend the extortion in-game.

As of May 10, I am banned from posting on the reddit sub /r/starcitizen - because after a series of posts related to the extortion affair, I decided to tell it in a comment. The moderator tried to convince me, successively, that my comment was off-topic (ban because of off-topic comment?), that I was psychotic (no, you are not part of the criminal affair...), and finally that I was a Nazi and I was accusing the French ADL (yeah!). At this point I asked him if he was a communist or a terrorist or if he had ever been in contact with a communist or a terrorist and he decided to make the ban permanent.

You can see the comment that got me banned here.

You can read the full exchange with the moderator here.

I try to do my best to keep this site online, but it is reguraly DOSed by the official IP addresses of the Bing (Microsoft), AWS (Amazon) and Yandex bots.