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AppointmentBounty HunterDeliveryECN AlertInvestigateInvestigationJobMaintenanceMercenaryMiningPriorityRacingResearchSalvageSearchService BeaconsThe most reliable way to identify a tracked mission is the internal name which is visible with r_displayinfo.

Combat Assistance - LOW THREAT

  Type: Service Beacons
(codename Quizzical Gauss)
Internal name: PU_ServiceBeacon_CombatAssistance_NPC_Spoofed_Difficulty_01

Organization: ~serviceBeacon(InitiatorName)

Availability: Everywhere

Absent from the main indexNO
Personal missionNO
Shareable with partyYESShareable with party
Must be cleanYESMust be clean
Prison missionNO
Spawns NPC ship(s)NO
Spawns NPCs on footNO
Notify when availableNO


Max instances per server at any moment in time1
Max instance lifetime when offered in the mobiGlass5 minutes  ±2 minutes
Cooldown after completing1 minute  ±1 minute
Cooldown after abandoning/failing1 minute  ±1 minute

Mission text